Passito Bianco

Indicazione geografica tipica

  • Garganega

  • Muller Thurgau

Bunches of grapes, harvested at the optimal maturation, are put in small wooden trays and stored until they become about 40% dried. 

The bunches are then de-stemmed and the grapes lightly crushed. The must ferments for 72 hours with skin contact. The skins are then removed and the fermentation continues in small oak barrels.

As a consequence of the drying process the sugar content is very high and so the fermentation is very slow. At about 15% alcohol the fermentation stops leaving 150g/L of residual sugar.

This is an elegant wine possessed of a good acidity and with time develops a lovely acacia honey aroma. It is perfect to drink with spicy cheeses and dry patisserie.

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